Content Out Web

Hi, I’m Aral, and I’m teaching my friend Natalie how to design and develop a web site from scratch starting with the content. In other words, I’m teaching her content‐out web design and development. How very Indie Web of us. I thought it would be useful to share our lessons with you as we have them.

You might benefit from our lessons if:

Just like the lessons themselves this site and the site that Natalie is creating will start simple and evolve organically. We will start with the content first and introduce new concepts, techniques, and tools as we notice shortcomings and encounter pain points.

Although you can follow along on any platform, Natalie and I are both on Macs running OS X and some of the tools we will be using may be Mac‐only. Please feel free to find and use cross‐platform alternatives.

Our lessons take place on Sundays and this site will be updated on the following Monday.

Let’s kick things off with Lesson 1.